To The Journey That Opens The World.

A project exploring how the imaginal realm can be propagated for the benefit of all beings.

The People

The project connects a wide range of practitioners who are using Imaginal Practice to create positive transformation in the world.

Each of us has integrated deep and complex aspects of experience in an embodied way, with the imaginal being a key component in how we were able to do this.

We are all using this wisdom to create systems, practices, tools and knowledge that propagate the benefits of working with the imaginal and can be shared in a huge range of settings.

Here are just a few us.

The Potential

Imaginal practice has the potential to transform experience in any setting. 

It opens doors to new ways of being and relating that can radically shift how we relate to our experience and each other. People often describe it as a bit like doing psychedelics or dreaming while you are awake.

The benefits of unlocking the imaginal realm in experience are far-reaching, from an increased level of safety and trust in each other; to a wider range of authentic expression; to a more whole-hearted and courageous approach to showing up for difficulties; to generating more creative thinking. 

It can fundamentally change how we work, play, relate, understand and feel; creating richness, flow, aliveness, honesty and depth.


Opening new doors to whole-heartedness, inclusion of all experience and interconnection


Unlocking new ways of working together and the key to a brand new style of creative problem-solving

Mental Health

Healing at a depth that is difficult to reach in any other way


Researching the cutting edge of experience on an individual and collective level

The Practice

People often describe Imaginal Practice as akin to taking psychedelics or dreaming while you are awake.

Imaginal practice is loosely defined as connecting with the part of experience that is fuelled by imagination, intuition and soulfulness. Accessing it can be like entering a new realm.

When people are first introduced to imaginal practice, the subconscious realm of experience opens up; as if before people were always looking at the surface of the water of experience and suddenly they are given the capacity to be able to dive underwater and explore.

It can open a door into an intimate connection with the depths and richness of the full range of human and collective experience. This unleashes creativity, deepens emotional resonance, heals trauma, uncovers true purpose and unlocks new paradigms for people.

It is simultaneously an incredibly radical way of relating to the world and experience, and once you have experienced it, the most obvious thing in the world.

About Imaginal Journeying

Some of the key imaginal practices and cultures that we are building upon include, but aren’t limited to: Jung’s Active Imagination, Rob Burbea’s Soul-Making Dharma, Tantric Buddhism, Shamanic Journeying, Cliff Barry’s Shadow Work Therapy and George Lakoff’s Metaphors We Live By.

One of the main ingredients we bring is including the relational aspect of experience. Humans are all in this together and if we are going to find better ways of living, we need to transform how we relate to the world and each other and fast.

We use the cutting edge of experiential technologies to bring people into a place of alignment with each other and the deepest nature of their beings, so that they can move from this place even when they are faced with challenges.

Creative Thinking

Join The Journey

The Journey That Opens The World, refers to both ‘Imaginal Journeying’ as a concept and to the journey that we, as leaders, are taking people on.

We want to create a world where everyone has the capacity, skills and wisdom that imaginal practice can unlock for people.

If you’re interested in joining the journey as a practitioner, or supporting the project in any way, please get in touch.

You can read more about what it means to be involved in the Vision Document. Rosa has also been documenting conversations from the project, which you can watch here.

We’d love to hear from you!



If you’re interested in trying imaginal practice, here are some places to explore.


All our practitioners are incredibly motivated and talented individuals who believe in the long-term, lasting positive impact their projects will make.

Financial support aids this process – either as personal grants or investment to help bring projects into the world.

If you might be interested in contributing to the financial support of a project that could pioneer new ways of being or transform things at a systemic level, feel free to reach out to people directly or contact Rosa to discuss the full range of opportunities available.